by Sleeping Thieves

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The final piece. Embrace the depths.


Tom Foe
You can make the flowers break through the locks
It's a gift that you found in the rain when you killed yourself
But's it's fine, I'm indifferent
you stole you're a thief you're a cold dark hand
Now empty your eyes cause I can't see the road
Can't be so cold
Can't reach the knife with these ropes so tight
See my fire through the air just go

Just go gotta hit the road
Not a soul will ever know into the depths below
And the fire in our eyes just a clever disguise for the fear that lies inside
Gotta hold our heads up high and blow away with the stolen time
Now show me the road and take me home
With a beat so bold and in my soul
Gotta hold your hands up to the flow
And drown unto the fires below
Can't let you go
Let the bee sting take the pain
And use it to love what you create
Can't hide behind the masquerade
Embrace the depths and let it fade
Then wash away
We break the concrete just to pave over the ashes
We erase the old beats just to slave over the masses
And we embrace the dead leaves in the smoke that passes
Run home with a thousand lashes
Hold strong until our time's up and rise out of the ashes

Everywhere you take me
Everything you do for me
Everything you are to me is faded, gone and gone
But like a wretched dog
I crawl back
For what I need, I need, I need, I need
And everywhere you take me
Everything you do to me
Everything you are to me, is less, is bliss, is all of this

We break, erase, embrace, come home


released January 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Sleeping Thieves Colorado Springs, Colorado

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